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Ordering & Polices

Firearms Purchasing Policy and Sales Terms
     All firearms transactions shall be done through valid FFL Dealers only - NO EXCEPTIONS. It is the purchaser's responsibility to contact his/her FFL dealer for the transfer of the firearm. Your FFL dealer will need to provide us a copy of his/her valid FFL for the transfer. Any and all associated fees, taxes, and/or miscellaneous charges from the transfer or charges required by the transferring dealer is solely the responsibility of the purchaser. It is the purchaser's responsibility to understand and follow the appropriate laws for his/her jurisdiction of residence for the purchase and ownership of the firearm. If a firearm must be returned because it is not legal for the purchaser to own, the purchaser will be liable for all fees, expenses, and a 30% restocking fee.


     Orders are not complete until payment is received in full. Payment can be made by credit/debit card, certified check, money order, and personal/business check. All payments made by check are not eligible for shipment until the check clears. Please call 304-485-9295 with your method of payment information. Do not place any credit/debit card information in emails or on the order sheet. All credit/debit card payment information is destroyed by Novak's after transaction is complete. If payment is not received within a reasonable time, no longer than one business day on credit/debit card or ten days on funds sent via U.S. Mail, the order will be canceled. Once payment is received and clears, the firearm will be removed from "Sale Pending"€ and will only be shipped when the transferring FFL dealer'€™s information is received. Once we have received all the FFL information, you will be emailed with the paid invoice and the tracking number of the shipment to the FFL dealer. All handguns are shipped Fed Ex standard overnight and rifles and shotguns are shipped Fed Ex ground. Shipping is included in the price of the firearm.

We reserve the right to not sell or ship any firearms to the following states:

  • California
  • New York
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • District of Columbia
  • Hawaii


     Only the Custom Package firearms that are "In Stock" are available for purchase. We are no longer taking preorders or deposits for any firearms. If one of the Custom Packages is "Out of Stock", you can email us a request to notify you when they are back in stock and available for purchase. If you placed an order for a Custom Package and they were all sold before we could get the website status updated, we will give you first opportunity to purchase when they become available again.


     The Limited Customs and Misc./Other Firearms are the actual firearms being sold. They are sold on a first come, first serve basis. We do not take any preorders, deposits, reservations, or give notice of future availability for any firearms in this category.


     Novak'€™s Inc. reserves the right to improve, update, or change the specifications of products or custom packages without notice. All packages are built on thoroughly inspected and evaluated pistols. We are not currently accepting customer firearms for custom gunsmith modifications or custom packages.


Step-by-Step Ordering Instructions for a Firearm:     


1.    Please choose from a firearm has an €œ"In Stock"€ availability on the custom packages or a listed firearm in the limited customs or featured firearms.

2.    Find an FFL Dealer in your location that will accept firearms transfers.

3.    You can order by phone and we will take your order and payment information. You can also use the downloadable PDF form by filling out all of the information in the form, saving a copy to your desktop, and then attaching it to an email and sending it to

4.    Once you email your order you will need to contact us at 304-485-9295 with payment type information within at least one business day. Please note that payment by check will require the check to clear before shipment to the FFL dealer.

5.    Have your FFL dealer email a file copy of the FFL to and make a notation of who the transfer is for.

6.    When all the information and payment is received, you will receive an email with a copy of your paid invoice and an email with the tracking information of the shipment to your FFL.

7.    By completing the order, you agree with all of Novak'€™s Inc. policies.

8.    Finish the transfer with your FFL dealer and enjoy your firearm.


Products Policies


     For Novak Custom Package and Limited Custom firearms only, there is a Limited Express Lifetime Service policy for original purchaser. It is in the sole discretion of Novak’s to determine whether there will be a charge for any repair (including return and back shipping). Other than routine maintenance, the Service is null and void if anyone other than Novak’s modifies, repairs, services, installs, replaces, or removes any part of the firearm after the sale. The use of reloaded or other than SAAMI factory standard velocity ammunition (no +P or +P+) will also void the Service, as will improper care and maintenance.


     The sale of a Novak Custom Package or Limited Custom is final unless a written policy of Novak’s dictates otherwise.


     All firearms other than the Novak Custom Package and Limited Custom firearms are sold “as is”, no return. There are no representations, warranties (express or implied) as to that item.


     Firearms are inherently dangerous products and Novak’s is not responsible for any unsafe, irresponsible, illegal use of any firearm we sell or have sold.




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