Build Specifications:

  • Inspection of all Components for Serviceability
  • Novak LMA Adjustable Tritium Bar Wide Notch LoMount Rear Night Sight
  • Novak Tritium Front Night Sight
  • Novak Answer® One Piece Backstrap
  • High Cut and Checker Front Strap 25x25 Lpi
  • Kart Match Grade Barrel
  • Novak N.M. Barrel Bushing
  • 11° Barrel Crown  
  • Reliability Package
  • Novak Tool Steel Hammer/Sear Kit (Cmdr Style Hammer)
  • Fit Medium-Long Solid Aluminum Trigger
  • 4 - 5 lb. Trigger Pull
  • Novak NXT Strong Side Safety
  • Bevel Magazine Well
  • Fair in Frame Lines
  • Carry Bevel Treatment
  • Novak Logo Marked on Slide
  • Black Nitride Finish or Bead Blasted Matte Stainless Finish
  • Novak “Triple Sixty” Pattern Black G10 Grips
  • Novak Grip Screws
  • Test Fire & Sight In (50rds)
  • Colt 1911 Base Model Pistol 

      **Factory front slide serrations, slide serrations styles, 70 and 80 Series models may vary by Colt Factory base model** 

Novak 1911 Elite Combat Pistol

Colt Models that feature this package:

Competition Series

                                         Black Nitride Finish

                                                                                   .45 ACP              Status:    Call

                                                                                   9mm                     Status:    Call

                                                                                  .38 Super            Status:     In Stock

                                         Matte Stainless Finish

                                                                                  .45 ACP              Status:    In Stock

                                                                                  9mm                     Status:    In Stock

                                                                                  .38 Super           Status:     Call

Combat Commander

                                        Black Nitride Finish

                                                                                  .45 ACP              Status:     Call

                                                                                  9mm                     Status:     Call

Delta Elite 

                                       Black Nitride Finish

                                                                                 10mm                    Status:     In Stock


                                       Matte Stainless Finish

                                                                                 10mm                    Status:     Call            

70 Series

                                                   Black Nitride Finish

                                                                                  .45 ACP               Status:    Call

                                      Matte Stailess Finish

                                                                                  .45 ACP               Status:     In Stock

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